LPS puremaxLED® - Surface Controls


The new scale standard in controlling surfaces


puremaxLED is the latest generation of our special lamps for industrial surface inspection. It features the latest LED technology and shines in new flat and innovative design.

The used LED lighting technology even the smallest errors in the micrometer range will be quickly and clearly visible, such as dings, dents, scratches and pimple. The new generation of energy-efficient LED strips allows a reduction of energy consumption by 45 percent compared to T8 lamps with constant light intensities and colors of light. With a depth of only 65 mm, the "LPS 100 puremaxLED" is also 38 percent thinner than the previous generation of luminaires L with fluorescent technology and the heat dissipation was reduced to 26 C °.

The new development is, like all previous surface control lights from the house surface controls, equipped with the in-house designed and patented anti-glare lenses prism sheet, effective continuous light-dark stripes and the proven Harting connector system.

The LPS 100 puremaxLED is compatible with all existing semi-automatic and fully automatic surface controls control systems. Because of the bulbs life of over 60,000 hours maintenance intervals are extended considerably with the new generation of luminaires.

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