ColorMatching - Surface Controls


The Significance of ColorMatching in Industry

Surface finishing becomes increasingly important in industry as the outward appearance of a product at the same time gives a signal about the quality of the entire product. Today, color fidelity as a visual key impression of industrial products is thus an essential aspect in the dialog between customer and producer. Complex recipes, surface structures but also different raw materials of the substrate carriers can unintentionally lead to color deviations in the manufacture of industrial products under different light conditions. For this reason, product parts which under artificial factory light appear appropriate in terms of color can look substantially different when they are inspected under daylight conditions.

The ColorMatchingSystems developed by surface controls enable a visual evaluation of color effects. Color deviations become visible and relevant process adjustments can be initiated quickly and effectively. The systems operates according to the visual principle of off-color reinforcement. With the help of our system every possible daylight condition can be simulated by a change of color temperature.